Kiwi iPhone ‘not’ expensive…


Stuff NZ, someone has started to do the analysis and makes the comparison that it’s not really that expensive here. Still if something smells and feels expensive, despite what they tell us, it’s expensive.

“IDC telecommunications market analyst Tim Shepheard said the phone was “not overly priced”.
He said the plan and cost of the handset was “comparable” to other plans in New Zealand, which made it expensive internationally.
The $80/month plan was “no more” than other plans and though that made the handset more expensive, $549 was “not unreasonable” for the iPhone, Mr Shepheard said.
The $250/month plan was an “all-you-can-eat type package” with 1GB of data which was the same as a “bottom-end desktop” computer.
It was not known whether a mobile phone user would need that much capacity, he said.
“The plans are comparable to other (New Zealand) data plans which, I think, we need to move away from.
“From a New Zealand perspective, it seems that this is Vodafone relying on the iPhone to sell the plan as opposed to shocking the market with a good plan.”
A lack of competition was the main reason for New Zealand’s high mobile phone prices, but the geographical terrain also made it difficult.
He predicted that despite the price the iPhone would still be popular and would see “good uptake”.
“I can see people being prepared to pay $549 for the iPhone and getting a smaller plan.””

I do agree with this last statement. That’s what I’ll be doing, as long as I keep the data to a minimum – I don’t think so.


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