There’s already revolt on the streets.

Any pricing plans are going to cause a stir. Thankfully we aren’t being screwed as badly as the Canadians are by Rogers.

But from The Heralds web site in reaction to the iPhone plan announcement there has been some signs of revolt. However as many people who bother to take the time to write comments have pretty strong views, this is of course only strong reaction from some people.

“This pricing proves New Zealanders pay far higher mobile costs than most civilized countries! AT&T have far better plans!, And Americans complain that they are getting ripped off! Our mobile rates have been to high for to long!”

And Canada thought they were getting reamed with their iphone plans?
Vodafone plans have sucked since they started forcing on-peak minutes with every plan.
Vodafone! bite me.
This put the nail in the vodafone iphone coffin for me. I’m sticking with my hacked imported edge iphone.

What a sad day for Vodafone – corporate greed reigns large. Must be a bit sad for the ‘team’ at Vodafone – all the hype and they can’t even keep their website up! And they’re a telco!

What do I think? I think Vodafone are a bunch of (oh wait I can’t say that out loud can I?). Serriously a 16GB iPhone on their 1GB plan will cost you at least $6349 over 24 months.

Ouch $6349, is a little steep, considering you could get a late model car for that price and drive around NZ instead of google maps and street view.



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4 responses to “There’s already revolt on the streets.

  1. Chris

    I just moved to NZ from the US a week ago. I’d been holding off on getting an iPhone in the States because I knew I would be moving here eventually. I thought I’d have to wait another year or two before the iPhone made its way down here, so I was pretty ecstatic when Steve Jobs said the iPhone would come down here on July 11.

    I waited and waited for Vodafone to release the pricing details, and I had a sinking feeling that the longer they waited to tell us the costs, the worse it would be.

    After seeing these ridiculous prices, there is no way I’m buying an iPhone now. I know mobile rates in NZ are pretty high, especially for data, but this is absolutely disgusting.

    I sincerely hope that no one in NZ buys this phone from Vodafone. I know I won’t.

  2. Yeah but on the upside Chris, calls are never (well more or less never) dropped here. When I was in the States and Canada for 6 months last year, I couldn’t believe how many calls were dropped, and some of the biggest selling points for cell phones from company to company was “less calls dropped”. I mean that’s stone age stuff that.

    Just trying to be positive. And by the time Vodafone has upgraded it’s data packages by the end of the year, true broadband speeds will be achieved, unlike many areas of the states.

    I agree this is huge, but I’ll still be in there.

    Cheers for stopping by. Hope your time in NZ is going well.

  3. j-mo

    you used my comment on the herald site! haha. solid blog dude. 🙂

    {Yeah, I was trying to keep comments anonymous so people won’t get too bothered. Pretty heated response over at The Herald. – Ed}

  4. Seven pages of comments and counting on The Heralds web site in response to the iPhone announcement, that’s pretty hefty.

    Some of the comments are just insane. “Goodbye Vodafone”? To what, telecom and a 2G network without a comparable phone. That’s like saying I hate petrol prices, goodbye Carolla hello Vaxhuall?

    As stated, this isn’t a cheap tool/toy but we aren’t getting screwed, it just hurts a little.

    Boy some people are just irrational and were quite possibly looking for a freebie – yeah like that was going to happen.

    I’m not defending Vodafone, it is expensive, but then running a V8 is considerably more expensive to run than a Hilman Imp. If you want the best phone on the market with the coolest toys then get one, if you want to complain in true Kiwi style – really think before you type. God Kiwis can moan with the best of them, Vodafone wasn’t going to give this thing away, and it was going to make them money – it will.

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