More negative media attention

This is right out of Marketing 101 don’t do’s.

Do not piss off the public so much that the only media attention leading up to the launch of a new cool tool is negative press.

That’s all it’s been all day, while Vodafone continue to put the positive spin on it. I still can’t remember the launch of a new car or toy in which all of the media attention is negative, there’s talk of protests and 2 online petitions were launched to get the product prices changed.

This from the countries biggest newspaper, The Herald in Auckland (for our international visitors whom flooded in overnight due to Apple2.0 blog – cheers).

“Cheap’ iPhone has costly catch”

It’s really infuriating that Vodafone is continuing the line that “Vodafone had more than 70 different phones and plans at any one time”, and this is a good thing? So, we’re not talking about the 70 other different phones. We are talking about the coolest gadget to come out of the Apple stable recently, and the only way to get it is to pay up to $6200 for it.

And what really bugs me about this, is that it’s given misguided fuel to the anti-apple brigade, whom falsely claim that it’s a rubbish tool, that windowze mobile is a good platform, that Apple things are always more expensive blah blah blah. All of which aren’t true, but the Anti-Apple myth has been re-soundly perpetuated over the last 24 hrs.


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