11 minutes to go…

And I am very jealous that I’m not standing out in the cold in Christchurch to be among the first in the world to get an iPhone. It’s interesting that the vibe here has been continually hijacked by the stance of Vodafone. Just tonight they were defending their prices, calling them extremely competitive compared to their other products.

This is true. They offer some of the best, data, voice and txt plans about. But this only goes to show how hideous our prices are in NZ. We have been told that it’s not right to compare internationally. Rubbish, we are allowed to look at what others are offering and say, why the hell are we paying too much. There isn’t even a plan allowing decent data. I mean if I was locked into giving Vodafone $6200 over 2 years I would want some bloody decent data, not a pathetic and hysterically small 1GB.


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