another digg at Vodafone

Just got a txt from Vodafone telling me that because I was on pre-pay that from 1 Aug, it will cost me $1 to call customer service, and not those on a plan.

Surely this has got to be against some company rules somewhere. I know Vodafone treats it’s customers with contempt a lot of the time, but this is straight discrimination. How come I have to pay to talk to Vodafone when there is a problem with their phones and system, and those on account seemingly don’t. It’s not as if I call customer service to see if they are having a nice day, it’s because I couldn’t resolve issues with my account online. It’s just not fair.


Do they really want us to bugger off to the competition, because they’re doing a bloody good job of it.

And this blog isn’t meant to be a critic of Vodafone, but why not if they treat us like this.


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