AppStore goes live

The AppStore is now live on iTunes 7.7 which has been released for download now.

And the very cool thing is that at the bottom of the AppStore are the staff favs and there is the Kiwi contribution from Polar Bear Farm of Christchurch. As mentioned Telegram App for the iPhone is a voice messaging tool.

“As personal as calling, as unintrusive as SMS and as instant as email.”

You can get the top Apps here (iTunes link)

There are apps for more or less anything available now, there’s one that converts your iPhone into a torch (I use my feeble cell phone at the moment for this in the dark – this is a good thing), an App that allows you to keep track of the fuel economy of your car, and one that allows you to calculate the date of the birth of your pending child.

The critics of the iPhone have been reasonably valid, but the blind criticism that Windows Mobile is a far superior tool will be blown away by the functionality and expandability of the Apps available for free/cheap download. The AppStore will revolutionise how and why we use our cell phones, but of course you will need to get an iPhone with 2.0 software to install these. My Sony MP3 phone is safe at the moment, the radio is too cool a tool, but of course in NZ the biggest barrier to upgrading to the coolest toy to come out of the Apple stable ever is the stunningly stupid Vodafone charges. I could buy a nice late model car for the sort of money Vodafone are wanting to extort from me for the right to use an iPhone, while other countries are giving bundled limitless data plans – argh.


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