Don’t forget the iPhone rocks.

The real pity with the Vodafone stupidity, is that they have missed an opportunity to really market the coolest new toy on the block.

Remember iPhone1.0 was a clunker. No GPS, no G3, average sound and apendages. Stunning User Interface and awesome concept.

Remember also that the iPhone1.0 clunker was chosen as Time magazines Invention of the Year for 2007. This is no small feat for a toy that was expensive and had limitations. It kicked the butts of it’s competitors and raised the bar too high for some to follow. For me the ‘killer’ aspect of the iPhone was that it set the standards that others would aim to achieve, and others need to better. This is as much about a piece of technology that forwarded technology, a shift in what was to what should be. Smart phones and cellular technology in the future all owe much to what the iPhone did when it rocked onto the worlds stages, possibly more so than the actual functionality of the original iPhone.

Don’t get lost in the mess that is the Vodafone plan rubbish, think of the stunning beauty and functionality of the iPhone and pray that public pressure and a good old ticking off from the viciously tempered Steve Jobs will get Vodafone to change it’s plans.


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