NZ iPhone reviews

After the heavyweights of Tech reviews came in yesterday, NY Times, Wall St Journal and USA Today, the Kiwi reviews have been published.

Of course, the debate about the phone has been hijacked by Vodafone’s ridiculous plans, which are essentially the worst in the world. If anyone thinks that after spend over $500 they are going to stick to 250mb of data a month, on the coolest and fastest mobile web browser (full web browser not just mobile versions), then they have to have their heads read. Vodafone needs shooting for letting the public down so much, but we all know that anyway.

So aside from the outrageous pricing, what do the Kiwi critics have to say.

The Herald – Matt Greenop

“But is it worth the hefty ticket price?
It depends on which way you look at it – but the short answer is yes.”

• Flush headphone jack, improvement.
• In New Zealand terms, the phone is designed to work on an 850MHz 3G network, and the bulk of Vodafone’s network is 900MHz. It does work in Vodafone’s 2100 MHz areas, but that is now only at 63% coverage of the country
• HDSPA protocol, providing a theoretical speed just over 3.5Mbps. This isn’t lightning fast, but when used over a WiFi network, the iPhone is extremely quick
• Again the touchscreen technology employed by Apple is incredibly effective
• GPS & Google maps = a fair approximation of a useful sat nav system, albeit without the bells and whistles
• the phone talks nicely with Microsoft’s Exchange via ActiveX

•No video record
•clunky older tech camera
•No Flash protocol, although Adobe says it’s on the development fast-track
•Voice dialling still isn’t available
•neither is MMS messaging.
•And you can’t replace the battery

Overall favourable review, again a rap over the knuckles for Vodafone’s price and plans. – Ruben Schwarz
4 1/2 Stars – not bad.

• 3G – In New Zealand this is a big deal, because we don’t have a lot of WiFi about like, say, San Francisco. {Ed -or Vancouver where everyone of my coffee shops had free Wi-Fi}
• Web surfing is where the iPhone stands head and shoulders above its competition. You can easily view and surf the real web (not just pages built for mobile phones). As before, zooming in and out is through a pinching motion on the touchscreen.
• The Google Maps function is integrated with the GPS, so it automatically loads up where you are if it finds a signal.
•The camera also links to the GPS so you can geotag your photos (store where you took them in each file’s metadata).
•Apple is going full-out with applications, both free and for-sale. You can download hundreds of these through iTunes or its App Store from today.
•It seems faster, for one, and day-to-day use is noticeably quicker.
•The speaker is better thanks to some vents at the bottom, the buttons on the side are chrome instead of black.
•Another great change is the headphone jack, which is no longer recessed, so it can fit standard connections
•When web surfing or on email, pressing and holding on an image lets you save it to the hard drive. There is support for more languages
• Another neat feature – turn the calculator function sideways, and it becomes a scientific calculator

• still has a 2 megapixel camera
• Still no video camera either {Ed – if you use these functions that is – I don’t, some do}
• There’s no slot for external memory cards, but with 8GB or 16GB on board, most people won’t need it. Still, it would have been nice, especially for transferring photos to the phone directly from a camera.

{Ed- this isn’t a problem though if you have a decent computer like a mac. The iPhone automatically recognises when your laptop or computer is on and/or in your wi-fi zone and you can just sync and back up the pics that way. Not rocket science really and an Apple ploy of rewarding those with good gear with great technology. I wouldn’t waste the 5 calories it takes to remove a card, put it in a reader and plug it into your computer – why would you?}

• You can still only view and save PDF and Office files, not edit them.
•No cut and paste either. {Ed- but you can drag and drop images from the web to the desktop}
•And you can’t buy songs from iTunes store through the 3G network, only through WiFi {ed- once again showing that NZ is behind the rest of the world. Sitting in Agro Cafe in Vancouver surfing iTunes on free Wi-Fi with my coffee having just read the latest review of the music on The Guardian would have been a breeze. NZ don’t even think about it free Wi-Fi to entice customers is a bad word, gezz we have crappy business innovators in this country. I mean how much does it on an unlimited plan to give out free wi-fi to customers who will buy more than one coffee?

• Syncing music, video, contacts, calendar, and photos is always done through the iTunes software, so you can’t manually add things drag-and-drop style. {Ed – I agree this is a clunky very typical Apple way of doing things. But then it’s aimed at the PeeCee world as an underhand Apple thing, you have to open iTunes an Apple app to get to it?}

• All these things – but mainly the lack of MMS and video, stop me giving it five stars. It is an excellent device, but for the price there should be just a bit more.

• The iPhone 3G is the best phone for surfing the web on the move. If that’s something you’re into, then definitely it’s worth checking out, especially if you’re a mobile data user already on account.
• As for being a “revolutionary” device, as some have said, don’t believe it. Everything the iPhone does other smartphones will do, everything important anyway, and some will even do more.
{Ed – this is a little disingenuous, as it was the iPhone 1.0 that started the revolution, without the features in iPhone1.0 there wouldn’t have been the catch up and then copy cat features of other phones. I would disagree entirely with this comment. This is still the most revolutionary phone/MP3 player/Portable Movie player/Portable Web devise on the market, in terms of User Interface design and innovative technology.}

So there are the two big media organisation’s reviews of the iPhone. Generally very good reviews, the later seemingly not getting the Apple=Coolness of the device. One can never define cool, one only knows that something is cool. And under Steve Jobs and possibly most importantly Jonathan Ives, once again Apple has delivered something that is exceedingly cool. Just as the same way an Aston Martin is a stunningly cool car but bloody fuel inefficient, the iPhone is exceedingly cool, but doesn’t have the features of other phones. Fine, buy the other phones, that keeps the cool quotient up.

Lets see what people have to say about Vodafones network come a little under 12hrs from now?



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