Something’s afoot

As pointed out by Michael (thanks for the heads-up) things have changed on the Vodafone NZ web site, and you can no longer get the best data plan, you know the one at $250 a month or $6000 and only 1GB data a month.

New Price Plans

{Update: They’ve now added more information. If you need more data (than 250 or 500mb yeah right) you need to go into a Vodafone Retail store. Who knows what that is about?}

Yesterday’s Price Plans

They layout of the site has also changed, indicating that something is up? If it isn’t then Vodafone have gotten even stingier, as the best data plan you can get is 500mb a month (or we shall call that 1/2 hour on youTube).

But great for Apple and Vodafone, that despite the worst plans in the world and the massive negative media attention (yeah from me too), the 8Gb model has sold out. This is inline with international figures that suggest the 8GB model is the most popular this time around, while last time the top model was the most popular.



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4 responses to “Something’s afoot

  1. Michael

    Yep, looks like all models are sold out now.

    My theory is that the “$6,000 Vodafone plan” was getting a lot of bad press and was being bandied around by everyone when they talked about the price of the iPhone in New Zealand. So instead of apologizing or adjusting the plans Vodafone just got rid of it. I’d be curious what the number of people that actually signed up for that plan were. Specifically, is it more than zero? How much more?

    The question now arises: is there no longer a way to get a $199 iPhone in New Zealand? It’s scummy marketing to advertise the $199 iPhone that’s chained to a plan that was so bad that no one signed up for. I think that it’s pretty close to that line of faulty advertising and necessary consumer protection.

    The question will be, in a month of bad PR, what will Vodafone’s last misstep be? My prediction is that they’ll be coming out with a bunch of brand new plans that won’t be great, might even still be terrible by the rest of the worlds standards, but will be better than what they have now. When Vodafone does inevitably come out with better plans will they give these better plans to all of their early adopters? Unlikely because they specifically named the contract plans after they amount of data that come with them. But if they don’t they’ll have a lot of angry geeks on their hands.

  2. Michael, we are very lucky in NZ, as far as I know, if Vodafone presents a new plan pretty quickly and you want to change, you have a case of fair trading and can demand to go on that plan with no cost to you. That’s the last time I heard Consumers explain a similar situation.

    I really hated the line that the Marketing Manager kept plying all week long “compared to our other plans this is generous”. Because in the face of the facts, we were the worst in the world, which only goes to show how much we pay for data in NZ. The voice and txt are all pretty comparable internationally, but data we are in the ice age.

    It’s going to be interesting. Cheers for stopping by.

  3. Michael

    Really like the website, great clean design.

    That’s interesting about the fair trade laws forcing Vodafone to allow users to change to new plans at no charge. I wonder what the time frame on that would be.

  4. To tell the truth listening to the then outgoing head of the Consumers Institute David Russell, there isn’t a set time, it’s more a fairness concept. From what I understood of his points, you can argue that if something stinks, and it’s proven that it does, time is kinda irrelevant. For instance if something dies 1 day after it’s warrantee runs out, you can still take it back and argue fair trade. Harvey Norman and the others are taking people for a ride with the extended warrantee they offer for more money, you’re covered by the consumer guarantees act anyway. The guys in those shops always look at me like I have 2nd head when I tell them that, they hate not taking money off you. So I imagine it would be easy enough to argue that we bought a product in the good faith that we were getting the best plan for what we needed, and if that plan changed in a couple of months, we’d be able to change. But don’t quote me on that Consumers Institute would be the people to comment on that. We have great consumers laws in this country.

    BTW cheers for the comments.

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