Where’s the free wi-fi NZ?

If you were lucky enough to buy your iPhone in North America, chances are you not only pay less for the privellage of owning one, you’ll be able to access free wi-fi in a lot of places.

AT&T announced that over 17,000 free wireless hotspots have been activated for iPhone users. They have a tool that allows you to find there free wi-fi spots. Admittedly many of them are in Starbucks or McDonalds, there are a number of airports that offer it too. I could handle sitting in Starbucks with a cup of joe for free wi-fi (remember it’s free and faster than 3G), but McDonalds, I think not.

Our biggest Telco, Telecom, provides wireless hotspots, only thing is you have to pay for them. How blimmin archaic. Other places you can buy and hours access – yippie (not).

But this is also the official AT&T offering. In Vancouver where I lived for a while last year, nearly every cafe I could find had a sign offering free wi-fi, or if there wasn’t a sign it was still there for you to use. How lucky was I that the best coffee shop in Vancouver Agro Cafe offered free wi-fi. Not only was the coffee spectacular, the wi-fi free but the atmosphere was awesome to just sit, enjoy the coffee and surf the web. Now with iPhone I wouldn’t have even bothered taking the laptop down, full Safari browser over wi-fi is just great.

Fast forward to here and now in New Zealand, and I just don’t understand why cafe’s don’t offer free wi-fi. I mean I spent a lot of time in cafes doing my work and of course eating their food and chugging down their cups of joe. I mean how many cafes would be open at midnight sunday with at least 20 people in all eating and drinking? Well this was common at Waves in Vancouver, as many overseas students were all on free wi-fi catching up with folk across the world. Me, well I was listening to Super 14 or something equally silly.

So why no wi-fi in New Zealand



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3 responses to “Where’s the free wi-fi NZ?

  1. Tulip

    Some public libraries in NZ offer free WiFi (probably over 100 locations, last count).


  2. I have made a map of all the current free wifi locations in NZ at http://jahoog.org/wifi , not as much as there should be, but slowly growing.

  3. Amelia

    There is 1 hour free wifi access in all Esquires cafes and in most Starbucks cafes – if you make a purchase. I’m interested to know how good the access is: Can you watch online videos (eg. Youtube)?

    There is free wifi in Auckland City Library & in the North Shore libraries. I went to Devonport library today to check it out & was disappointed because so many sites wouldn’t load (eg., youtube.com, tudou.com, ew.com). I could access http://www.hotmail, nzherald.com & the Auckland University website quite well, though. I don’t know whether the reason I couldn’t get onto sites like Youtube was because the internet speed was too slow, or because those sites were blocked. I was very disappointed.

    I’m happy to pay for coffee in Esquires (or Starbucks) if I get free wifi that allows me to onto (almost) any site & watch Youtube videos. I will check Esquires out soon and see whether their connection is good. I love McDonalds, I wish that McDonalds provided free wifi in NZ (like it does in the USA). It would give me an excuse to spend money at McDonalds.

    Esquires cafes use Tomizone to provide their internet service. Tomizone has other wifi zones around Auckland & charges $3/hour or $8.50/day for access. That seems reasonable to me, if the internet speed is strong & sites like Youtube can be accessed.

    I’m an Auckland University student: they give me 200MB a month free, and I can purchase 100MB more for $2 (100MB would only allow me to watch one 4o-minute TV episode on Youtube). I can access Youtube easily from my University account. I wish Tomizone was in the Auckland University campus area: I would gladly pay $8.50 for a day of internet access (there are a lot of Youtube videos I want to watch but can’t at home because videos consume so much of my bandwidth).

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