You’re not the only one smitten


sure it’s not that fast over Vodafone’s 3G network (and just not worth it if you’re not in a 3G zone), and if you’ve got 3G connected and playing music, you’re not going to get much more than 5hrs use out of it, buy you gotta admit, you love your iPhone.

I’ve found other gliches that people have been talking about, namely lag. You may have noticed it takes a moment or two for some commands to kick in from time to time (lets face it that’s an eternity when you’re in the tech world). But this is a software issue, and the hinted firmware 2.1 of the iPhone operating system may solve these?

Anthony Doesburg has a witty account of his failing attempts to resist the lure of the iPhone in this morning’s herald. I must say, I was more or less in the same situation. Couldn’t resist it, decided I could live without it, continued rush around town to must have one, take it home, and now we’re joined at the hip.


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