Copy and Paste coming (sort of)

One of the most frustrating elements of any UI associated with mobile operating systems, from the most basic through to the most complex has been the relative difficulty in copying information around your phone. Perviously it was neigh impossible to copy phone numbers to store. Thankfully most companies over came this issue, not Apple.

One of the most basic (possibly the most frustrating) omissions from the iPhone 2.0 software was the ability to copy and past. For what is essentially a mobile computer to not even be able to copy text in an email and paste it into the notes is startlingly frustrating.

However there have been some great suggestions as to how this could be done.

Lonelysandwich over at Vimeo produced a funny short video on how copy and paste may work on the iPhone, worth a look, if nothing else for the ending.

Now a functional App is set to appear that will offer limited text editing and formatting, including copy and paste functionality, along with things like limited fonts and text sizing. This will be available by via iTunes very soon, and I imagine will be a big hit. The process is explained further over at

I just can’t wait for the official iPhone software update which includes this functionality across all Apps, not just in one App, then I’ll go from thinking this is an amazing machine, to literally being blown away by it.


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