iPhone 2.1 firmware upgrade

I love it, and so it seems does most people.

The reviews have been more or less favourable right across the board.

As per usual Macrumors.com has a pretty good run down of the features and some that weren’t heralded.

justinomg, at macrumors.com forum has a massive list of features that also weren’t featured on the official update list. It’s well worth the look.

This is interesting, warning do not try to unlock after one too many beers or wines – wipe all data feature.

iPhone Atlas has more good reviews, but the first cautionary tales from the dark side.

It’s the most unexpected but fun aspects of the iPhone has been discovering all of the hidden features of the iPhone.

The best tip I learnt was the swipe action to delete emails and txt messages I no longer wanted. So fast, so simple and so intuitive, that well it just made sense.

Anyway back to 2.1 firmware. Yes I have notices speed differences in the like of installing apps. But the biggest improvement has been the speed and responsiveness of txt messages. It’s like a whole new ball game now – what a difference.

Apple2.0 over at Fortune, has a great review and round up of the firmware upgrade.

The iPhoneblog points out that 3D buildings are now popping up on google maps for iPhone – very cool.


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