The years best gadget

Stuff Magazine’s readers have voted the iPhone 3G as it’s gadget of the year.

Story here, here, here, that is due to the stuff web awards site being down at the moment.

It beat out the following competitors: Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii Fit and the B&W Zeppelin iPod speakers.

Seems this has caused a stirr (from the great Kiwi knocking machine), in the reader feedback section of the (no relation) web site.

One of the silliest moans was

for $6k-odd that the iphone costs, i could have bought hundreds of other gadgets that individually do the iphones job and still had some spare change

So if you have a shopping trolley to push around with you all the time to carry a playstation, xbox, wii, the tv to run it on, a portable DVD player, an ipod touch, a phone, a laptop at least to have true web browsing experience and full email, and you didn’t mind the exercise of hauling all of that and the portable electric generator needed to power it all across the beach (as I took my iPhone to the beach the other day), then yes you could have saved money.


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