iPhone kill(ed) my twitter desire

Not that I was a big twit, I’m way to verbose to be so succinct as twitter dictates, as Reggie Perrin used to say, “why say it with one word when two in the bush is more fun.”

But recently as I’ve gotten over the glow of the iPhone and started thinking about what it is that has fundamentally changed the way I communicate and interact with technology and people as a result of the iPhone, I’ve discovered a couple of things.

Twitter is more or less a thing of the past for me now. I WordPress from my iPhone with a coffee at my fav cafe (here in NZ we don’t have free wi-fi in faces – yeah prehistoric I know). Why twitter when I can spurt out the ills and delights of the world with WordPress.

There are some bugs, like when you press the wrong button and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get a draft back. Some sort of automatic saving to the phone would be best.

But then that’s me, and there are plenty of apps for twitter out there, and it’s not dying any time now.


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