How we view the world

Google have announced that their vastly popular Earth visualisation tool for the web is now available for the iPhone. Anther report here from CNet, which provides a full review.

Features include;
• Tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
• View the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
• View geo-located Wikipedia articles
• Use the ‘Location’ feature to fly to your current location
• Search for cities, places and business around the globe with Google Local Search

This is big for me for several reasons.

Firstly my life and understanding of life is all about connections, and the increasingly hypermediated existence that I live. I love being able to call information up when and where I need it. Don’t laugh, but the free wikipedia app is one of the most used on my iPhone – how else can you settle an argument that Burkina Faso is in fact landlocked and gained independence from France in 1960. Also as a person who travels a lot and is a dedicated geography freak, the more tools that enhance our understanding of the environment the better I say.

Played with if for a few minutes now, and as I suspected, the faster connection the better, so I’m sticking to my home wi-fi at the moment.

I love being able to tilt the phone to get the oblique view of the earth, it feels more real than the action of clicking a button on the desktop version. If anything it’s a little too sensitive to movement.

So along with the latest development of the iPhone 2.2 Firmware Beta 2 which has fully enabled Google Street View, wiki and google earth, so many of my geographical craves are being satisfied.


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  1. I can’t wait to see myself running in to a lantern post with my eyes firmly focused on the g-earth screen…first I should get an I phone though 🙂

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