New Zealand banking iPhone Apps

One of the strangest things about the iPhone is how many web based apps people are building, when you think that it comes fully loaded with Safari and full web browsing capability (aside from flash), why an App version of what you can do in Safari?

The answer is of course, an App version is usually stripped down to the bare minimum and if you want the full version, then of course just go to the web to play there. This is possibly too true of the National Bank (New Zealand) iPhone App. It’s so stripped down, you more or less can’t do anything except view balances. But then again, that is the beauty of an App, it’s fast, it’s stripped down and it’s just so easy to use. Of course at this stage if you want to do anything more fun, a wi-fi network shouldn’t be the place to say send $1,000,000 to your secret Swiss account.

Given functionality, this will be fun. For a pointer as to what it could be, we need only to look at the most innovative bank in NZ, Kiwibank. They’ve gone and developed a very nice webapp.

Link to App Store National Bank App here

As pointed out KiwiBank has a webapp version of it’s banking, and the subtle difference between a web app and installed iPhone app may be too small to have to worry about, but it is different. The KiwiBank webapp is much nicer interface and of course has full functionality – all I need now is a KiwiBank account – oh and some money.

ASB also has a webapp version for their clients.

This ties in nicely with this article about the potential for the iPhone and the format of iTunes payment for the iPhone as a micro payment platform.

Take that a step further, as we all know the iPhone is essentially a mobile computer (without cut and paste yet), it has the hardware platform and an evolving OS (all the ingredients for a mobile computer), the potential for payment and purchasing via mobile computing at this stage (security issues aside) is only just beginning and at this stage is limitless.



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2 responses to “New Zealand banking iPhone Apps

  1. As regards the National Bank iPhone app, you should have a close look at their website. You’ll see screenshots of what appears to be an updated version with transactional ability:

    Bill Payments and Funds Transfers coming shortly I would expect.

    (I have to confess to knowing a little bit more about this than I can let on – I know the developers quite well – but if their marketing people let the cat out of the bag first I’m sure I can mention it here.)

    Also, I’m a BIG fan of the KiwiBank webapp. It’s fast and optimised well, and I LOVE the Swedish Chef language conversion. Such great geek humour.

    But I don’t much rate the ASB webapp. It’s functional but there’s no joy in it. I would have expected better from the self-styled “future bank”. Maybe they’re working on something as we speak…

  2. Cheers for stopping buy Alan.

    Don’t you think though that the iPhone/Web Apps for the NZ banks are just symptomatic of the poor interface design of most NZ banks though?

    Look forward to any news re the Nat Bank app though. So far with the Nat Bank app the only transactions you can view are the credit card ones (and who needs to be reminded eh?)

    Haven’t played with the KiwiBank one, although typically from the screen snaps, it’s clean clear design. Might get my kids login details to play with it.

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