Fav iPhone App, week 1 Dec 2008

If you are anything like me, there will be more than one new app a week making it’s way onto your iPhone, some are deleted not too long after being put on there (to be fair though I do give them all time to win me over or tick me off – and some really do).

But to keep it brief, I’ll be limiting it to one new fav app a week (unless it really merrits ranting about).

So to kick things off, the one feature that was on my cheap Sony-Erriccson w200 cell phone, radio. I’ve been dying to be able to finally get the news and weather on my iPhone and now there are options to do just that. After reading about it a bit, I decided that the $8 was going to be worth it for Wunder Radio, produced by all people The Weather Underground service.

I’ll leave the full review to MacWorld iPhone Central, they pretty much have it all covered, but I’ll add that word of caution, don’t forget in New Zealand we don’t have unlimited data plans like some countries, and that cheap 250mb data plan could be gobbled up pretty quickly (although not as fast as you would think).

I was a dedicated Rock101 Vancouver fan while I lived there in 2007, and listen streaming most days at home, so now to have them in my car on the road is fantastic (if only the Vodafone 3G network didn’t have so many shadow areas).

wunder radio

This is my fav app for this week (closely followed by the already reviewed Google Street View on iPhone and the free Darts app).


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One response to “Fav iPhone App, week 1 Dec 2008

  1. An update on this app.

    I can not tell you how much I love this app. It it by far my number one app on my iPhone. I love driving around town (argh those 3G dead spots) listening to my fav radio station in Vancouver, some 10,000km away. Weird though when you are driving around in middle of summer and the weather report from Vancouver is for snow or rain.

    But I never imagined that I would be able to listen to my Canucks ice hockey team’s games, which is exactly what team1040 sports radio do – just awesome.

    This will actually work over a 2G network, just don’t expect it to work well if driving about. Again the strange 3G coverage in CHCH let me down a little with this app.

    Great app guys, you gotta get it.

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