Google Street View launches in NZ

If that’s not your wife you are kissing in Google Street View, you have nothing worry about.

Google Street View is here, and I love it. I love it for the fact that it’s also available on the iPhone for the first time too, and it’s even nicer on the iPhone than it is on the big screen – believe me it is.

I loved the irony of the woman on TV3 news today moaning that her privacy had been invaded. Didi anyone else notice the irony of her going on National TV to tell us that’s her son on the front step of her house and that she doesn’t like it. My god woman, you’ve just told the whole country about it, till then only you and your family were ever likely to know or care about it.

I love google street view for several reasons;

1) I’m a geography and technology buff. Any chance to give people a greater understanding of their surroundings through the use of technology is a plus for me.
2) I love reliving past holidays, it’s like a panoramic image of holiday snaps I didn’t take or couldn’t because of the flat battery in the camera, or even checking up on places I used to live.

I love Google Street view for warning me about the quick sand on the Champs Elysées, i found this gem on my iPhone while waiting for the dentists, and I thought I had problems.

quick sand Paris

One of the best free toys to waste the hours away waiting for that connecting flight- why not check out if your hotel actually has that beach view they promised over the internet.


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