3G speeds

Ok been in ChCh for nearly a week and am tearing my hair out over how slow and patchy the Vodafone 3G network is here.

Makes me realise how good (if not small) the 3G network is in Dunedin. Literally the so called 3G network here in ChCh is like old dial-up. In Dunners I’d have no qualms about any surfing or web work. Here in ChCh it’s so painful.

So I know I have visitors to the site, take a minute to tell the world about your 3G network. Moan, gloat – whatever but do let us know.

{Update 1 Jan 10am – Just been on Banks Peninsula, one of the most popular places at New Years time, and Vodafone just drops off the face of the earth, everyone is on Telecom over there. Also it’s like magic, but the 3G network in CHCH ends more or less at the city boundary. Don’t talk about the blank spots all over the city – is that a flat city thing?, and why are the 3G maps on the vodafone site so awful, hasn’t the worlds biggest telco heard of information design?}


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