Screen Clicking


my screen is clicking. I know it’s touch technology, but it’s not click technology, and I don’t want my screen to click.

This issue came up last year in the Apple Forums, with a great result for the person in question.

“I have noticed that with my iPhone when touched to the left of the home button (no contact with the home button) that the screen clicks… Took it to the store today, one look was taken at it and I was presented a new iPhone, signed some papers and was on my way. Great service”

Full thread here (love those apple support forums)

Unfortunately in NZ we don’t have the luxury of heading to a Genius bar, but Magnum Mac in Dunedin is stunningly good service, lets see what they have to say.

Anyone got similar issues, I’ve read over and over about the back casing cracks (which I too have, but could live with – just). Let’s hear your response.

I’ll update this when I know what Apple will say about it.


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  1. Jannis

    Have you taken the phone in yet?

    As a fellow mac/ipod touch and soon iphoneer living in NZ I find it appauling that there is essentially no support service.
    You can’t email Apple Support, and the support forums while great for most things can often not help you out (2 out of my 5 question remain unanswered to this day) sufficiently so seeing the outcome of this is of great interest to me.

    Looking forward to your experiences with your local Apple store.


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