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I think this is cool? Hmm I think so?

The Mentalists play Kids by MGMT on their iPhones and iPod Touches, using only apps downloaded from the Apple App Store. Apps used Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite


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Old Skool meets new School

This is seriously one of the coolest and silliest things I have ever seen on an iPhone.

“Welcome to the MacOS iPhone Project! We are Dedicated to putting MacOS on the iPhone”

iphone 7.1

Remember this, ‘Safe to Turn off Your Macintosh – ah the simple days.

Boy I hope these guys succeed, this is pure genius for the sake of the insanity of it, I don’t know why but it makes me so happy to see so much endenvor into something this silly.

Upside, my hold HyperCard stacks will live – like Frankenstein’s Monster.

All power to these guys, I just love this.

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iPhone App organiser?

Great post about how important/cool it would be to have an app organiser for the iPhone. Anyone like me with way too many apps on their phone know how slow it can be organising apps by different criteria (news, sport, games etc), and how frustrating it is to add a new app then to have BBC News 4 pages away from the rest of the news apps.

Bored one day, I was even as frivolous as organising by colour and taking screen shots. Icons too big for any ideas of ASCI styled art, my Las Vegas Elvis was barely recognisable even to me. Still there has to be a project out there for me one day.

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iPhone The Missing Manual

Why Are iPhone Users Willing to Pay for Content?

“It may be no surprise that the best-selling computer book so far this year is “iPhone: The Missing Manual,” by my colleague David Pogue (O’Reilly, 2007).

But here is something that did surprise me: The most popular edition of this book isn’t on paper or the PDF file that O’Reilly Media also sells. It is the downloadable application for the iPhone, according to Tim O’Reilly, the chief executive of O’Reilly Media.”

Excellent article on NY Times on the sensitivity of price point marketing on the AppStore.

“The book, which sells for $24.99, was initially offered as an iPhone app for $4.99. When the publisher raised the price to $9.99, sales fell 75 percent. O’Reilly quickly dropped the price back down to the lower level.”

I have this book and I can vouch for it, excellent.

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Geocaching App

“Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden containers, called geocaches, hidden outdoors and then share their experiences online”

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Deleted Apps?

Interesting article via JemimaKiss,39029471,49301195,00.htm

“Just 30 per cent of people who buy an iPhone application actually use it the day after it was purchased, according to Pinch Media, which analysed over 30 million downloads from Apple’s App Store.

The numbers plunge from there: after 20 days, less than five per cent of those who have downloaded an application are actively using it. The drop-off is even greater for free applications.”

There are amazingly Apps on my iPhone that have never been used, but sit there just for the ‘what if one day I’ll need it’ factor. But then again they are the free Apps. The paid Apps get plenty of use, so I guess I’m going to skew their findings a little.

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Yet another iPhone killer app

Supposedly the day iTunes died (yeah how many times have we heard that one).

Interesting though, seems Spotify are getting serious about iPhone app development.

But alas like all things it’s not available in New Zealand, yet. As the song goes, ‘one day we’ll know’…

Nice web site thought.

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