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MacWorld 2009

OK, Mac junkie (not geek or evangelist, can’t afford to have that title), I’ll get that off my chest from the start. I love mac gear, I LOVE Apple gear, but then there are people who don’t and at any chance they can they put their collective boot in.

The latest is over at Newsweek, in a piece titles MacWorld, MacBoring, Is Apples Golden Era Over? by

I agree that MacWorld 2009 (the last one Apple will be attending at this stage) will go down as a huge snooze fest, apart from the new 17 Macbook Pro, which I must have, iWork 09 and iLife 09 which are just plain sexy, the removal of DRM from the largest collection of digital music in the world (how utterly tedious).

The reviewer states “This is a company that has run out of gas” is about as perceptive as when that complete idiot and famous Apple bagger Steve Baumer laughed at the iPhone.

He’s the guy that bought you the Zume, you know the MP3 player that didn’t even need to wait till the next millennium to stop working on New Years eve.

For a more balanced (and no not biased) review of the keynote speech at MacWorld 09 delivered by Phil Schiller not Steve Jobs, try reading the more intelligent Apple2.0 Blog over at CNN/Fortune. As market analyst Gene Munster puts it “If Phil Schiller had made a significant announcement, we would have seen that as a sign of a changing-of-the-guard, but that was not the case. In other words”, Steve Jobs is still in charge.

Which to you and me, means Steve Jobs + Jonathan Ives = Insanely great products.


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Rogers vs Apple falling out?


Apple 2.0 has an interesting story on the cerfuffle between Apple and Rogers the iPhone carrier in Canada. Having spent 6 months in Vancouver last year, I was very jealous of the iPhones that were in Canada already, and the great prices of Apple stock over there (Macbook Prices were considerably cheaper in Canada than NZ).

Kinda glad I’m not getting my iPhone from Rogers in Downtown Vancouver now.

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