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Vodafone shot in the foot?

If the reaction to the iPhone pricing today is anything to go by, and the fact that Apple hasn’t signed an exclusive deal with Vodafone is anything to go by, then this is one monumental ‘own goal’ or ‘shot in the foot’ or whatever other cliche one could use here.

If Vodafone isn’t exclusive and in the coming months Telecom is offering the iPhone on it’s new 3G network, there could seriously be some unhappy Vodafone customers. Because I’d suggest that Telecom is watching this with glee and hopefully taking note. With only 2 serious cellular telco’s in NZ, there really isn’t competition, but if two companies compete for the same product with their services, surely there has to be competition, or how would one attract the others customers, or keep it’s own?

This was probably the clincher for me to keep my money in my pocket this friday, and see what will happen over the next couple of months. Because I sure as hell would be mighty gutted if Telecom came out with a package that out did Vodafone and I was already locked into a 2 year plan.

Possibly the only good thing to come out of this announcement today is that many Mums and Dads across NZ are able to say to little Johnny and Lisa that no they can’t have an iPhone it’s too dammed expensive.


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