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Get proactive Kiwis, tell them what you think

It’s not too hard to go to the Vodafone site and let them know what you think of their plans.

Russell Stanners, russell.stanners@vodafone.com is the CEO and Mark Rushworth, mark.rushworth3@vodafone.com is the Senior Marketing Manager whom fronted on Campbell Live tonight, with the positive spin.

A little hard to spin the fact that NZ is quite possibly the most expensive place in the world to get and own and iPhone. I was a little annoyed when Mark Rushworth used the line that we are a small country at the bottom of the world and it costs a lot to get the mobile data to here. Come on, this just isn’t the case, we have a pretty good broadband connection to the rest of the world, you just don’t want people paying reasonable money for a good product.

So let’s flood their inBoxes and let them know what we think of this all. It’s never too late to change. The silly folk at Rogers in Canada have pissed off their potential customers and Apple to the extent that to date over 48,000 Canucks have let it be known that they are mad. Apple apparently has responded with a slap over the wrist and diverted stock ($$$) to Europe. If this is so, one could only imagine how Apple NZ is feeling today with all of this negative publicity about their product. Here’s hoping that Steve Jobs cares about little old NZ to use his substantially renown temper to bear on Vodafone NZ.

This is their product that Vodafone is underselling, and Apple should be pretty pissed, just as the people are.


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