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Engadget are also in town

This is cool, two of the coolest tech blogs are in town, flying all the way over the pacific and into the next time zone to be the first in the world to but the new iPhone.,

The first 10 people in line:

Sure they will be the first in Auckland, but then there is also Wellington and Christchurch where these go on sale in 3.5hrs time. Still good luck to them.


T-shirts given away by iFixit.com crew


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They’re here…

The crew from iFixit have landed in Auckland from the states and are 4th in line for the new iPhone.

What are they here for? Well as we know at 12:01am tomorrow morning the iPhone will be launched first in New Zealand, at 5:01am LA time, a full 19hrs before launch there. Then they will dully take the thing apart and post pics on the web for the whole world to see it’s inn-ids.

The funny thing is the’ve left a summer and are standing in line in Auckland winter, not enjoying it. Still it could have been worse, it could have been a line in Dunedin or Invercargill.

Here’s a pic of them in line – he he.

Full story can be followed here.

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