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9 days to go and where’s the iPhone?

We are literally 9 days away from the launch of the coolest* phone on the market, and Vodafone NZ is doing it’s best to really not let you know about it.

Sure they’ve just released a new product and they are understandably wanting to sell that product. Actually the home cell phone concept I love, and if it wasn’t for the signal insulating chicken wire that lives between our straw bales and plaster, creating a cellular blackspot, i’d be getting onto this plan pretty quickly.

So let’s go to the Vodafone web site, and see all the buzz about the iPhone.

Ah yes, there it is, the same old text link on the right hand menu. At least it’s there. So what about the other countries? Vodafone Australia, like Vodafone UK and NZ use the same corporate template, but in OZ it’s obvious from the get go that an iPhone can be purchased from these guys in less than 2 weeks.

Similarly in the UK, O2 whom are the carriers for the iPhone, their web site leaves you with no doubt that a very cool phone is one it’s way. There is such a myth about the iPhone that you don’t even need to really now what it’s all about, you just know the name iPhone and it’s instantly conjuring up images of technological luxury and features, so it’s very easy to use the name to sell, they didn’t even need an image of the phone.

Rogers (whom have stirred up much controversy – more later) in Canada also let the customer know what’s coming. They’ve even announced plans and give you a lot of information about the iPhone.

Apple even send to your email (if you’ve signed up with Apple) teasers. This of course is great for getting to know the iPhone itself. They’ve just released a preview video of the new 3G iPhone, explaining all of the features. Thankfully, if you’ve pre-registered Vodafone NZ will now also send a teaser about the phone. Seems they now realise there’s a buzz out there. There still isn’t a price or plan for potential buyers to prepare for.

There is a lot to come out of Vodafone NZ about the iPhone, lets see how and when they release any information, and of course I’ll be posting any and all information here.

*NB: the definition of coolest is always going to be subjective, and there is a plethora of material out there that associates Apple with cool. The iPhone may not be the singularly best at everything, there are phones out there that can to X and Y better, but can they come together in a package similar to an affordable Aston Martin? This is the sleekest, best designed cell phone – music player – business tool – portable video player – GPS – mobile web browser out there full stop.


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