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First in the world.

If you think this is crazy, someone will do it.

According to Engagdet we will be the first in the world to sell the new iPhones at 12:01am on the 11th July.

“Consider yourself an Apple fanatic? Gotta have the latest and greatest the moment it’s available? Ok… prove it. We have it from a trusted source that the world’s first iPhone 3G will be on sale at 00:01, Friday July 11th, in New Zealand — that’s still Thursday, July 10th at 5:01 in the AM in Cupertino or 13:01 hours in London. At that precise minute, Vodafone NZ will swing open the doors of its Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch shops to your overeager HSDPA jones. So, now that you know, the next move is all yours.”

Ok, so if you’re not in the main centres, I’ll guess that Vodafone Dunedin will also be open, possibly a couple of other resellers around the country to, then get into the big smoke and you’ll be among the first in the world to use this new toy.

Back to the crazy part. There will be some crazed American on a plane out here for launch time, as believe me if lining up outside the Apple flagship store in New York for 7 days before the last iPhone launch, they’ll think flying out to NZ a breeze. Mind you they’d be mad as the iPhone is going to be considerably more expensive here.


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