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Vodafone NZ reacts to outrage

News this morning is that Vodadone NZ has reacted to the considerable outrage against their plans, which infamously gave them the dubious honour of the most expensive iPhone Telco provider in the world.

Today Vodafone NZ announced plans that are quite radically cheaper (up to half price) than what was previously available. The new plans still provide a subsidy on the handsets, with the biggest difference being in data and voice allocation. Vodafone claim they have listened to customer demand, which (like me) people use the device as a mobile web and data gadget with txt and talk time the least consideration.

“Vodafone spokesman Paul Brislen says the plans have been put in place after customers called for a lower monthly cost but were happy with less talktime and lower text message limits, but similar levels of data.”

Now there’s a surprise, just what we were asking for right from the very start, less talk and more data. I am amazed though at how little data I am using, and how often I use the phone in a wi-fi zone (thus not using up data allocation). When I first got my phone, none of the plans met what I thought would be my needs, so I went on two Vodafone plans costing my $90 a month (more data). As it turns out (well how was one to know when everyone warned me that data would be gobbled up in a flash) that despite my heavy web and email use, I wasn’t even anywhere near 10% of the data I put myself on for 24 months. So I’m going to be one of the first this afternoon to change that’s for sure.

The new plans start at $40 for 20minutes talk time, 100txt and 250mb data.

Current usres are able to switch plans but will need to pay Vodafone for the difference on the cost of the handsets.

So while this us a great move, and I imagine a lot of people will be switching plans asap, people like me will be out of pocket to Vodafone by several hundred dollars over the last 6 weeks and that stinks. At the moment, Vodafone stores are showing the sold out sign for all iPhones, showing that it’s still selling extrememly well, and has obviously been a money boost for Vodafone.

New Plans

Old Plans


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Something’s afoot

As pointed out by Michael (thanks for the heads-up) things have changed on the Vodafone NZ web site, and you can no longer get the best data plan, you know the one at $250 a month or $6000 and only 1GB data a month.

New Price Plans

{Update: They’ve now added more information. If you need more data (than 250 or 500mb yeah right) you need to go into a Vodafone Retail store. Who knows what that is about?}

Yesterday’s Price Plans

They layout of the site has also changed, indicating that something is up? If it isn’t then Vodafone have gotten even stingier, as the best data plan you can get is 500mb a month (or we shall call that 1/2 hour on youTube).

But great for Apple and Vodafone, that despite the worst plans in the world and the massive negative media attention (yeah from me too), the 8Gb model has sold out. This is inline with international figures that suggest the 8GB model is the most popular this time around, while last time the top model was the most popular.


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