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iPhone App organiser?


Great post about how important/cool it would be to have an app organiser for the iPhone. Anyone like me with way too many apps on their phone know how slow it can be organising apps by different criteria (news, sport, games etc), and how frustrating it is to add a new app then to have BBC News 4 pages away from the rest of the news apps.

Bored one day, I was even as frivolous as organising by colour and taking screen shots. Icons too big for any ideas of ASCI styled art, my Las Vegas Elvis was barely recognisable even to me. Still there has to be a project out there for me one day.


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Google Street View launches in NZ

If that’s not your wife you are kissing in Google Street View, you have nothing worry about.

Google Street View is here, and I love it. I love it for the fact that it’s also available on the iPhone for the first time too, and it’s even nicer on the iPhone than it is on the big screen – believe me it is.

I loved the irony of the woman on TV3 news today moaning that her privacy had been invaded. Didi anyone else notice the irony of her going on National TV to tell us that’s her son on the front step of her house and that she doesn’t like it. My god woman, you’ve just told the whole country about it, till then only you and your family were ever likely to know or care about it.

I love google street view for several reasons;

1) I’m a geography and technology buff. Any chance to give people a greater understanding of their surroundings through the use of technology is a plus for me.
2) I love reliving past holidays, it’s like a panoramic image of holiday snaps I didn’t take or couldn’t because of the flat battery in the camera, or even checking up on places I used to live.

I love Google Street view for warning me about the quick sand on the Champs Elysées, i found this gem on my iPhone while waiting for the dentists, and I thought I had problems.

quick sand Paris

One of the best free toys to waste the hours away waiting for that connecting flight- why not check out if your hotel actually has that beach view they promised over the internet.

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The years best gadget

Stuff Magazine’s readers have voted the iPhone 3G as it’s gadget of the year.

Story here, here, here, that is due to the stuff web awards site being down at the moment.

It beat out the following competitors: Sony’s PlayStation 3, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Nintendo’s Wii Fit and the B&W Zeppelin iPod speakers.

Seems this has caused a stirr (from the great Kiwi knocking machine), in the reader feedback section of the stuff.co.nz (no relation) web site.

One of the silliest moans was

for $6k-odd that the iphone costs, i could have bought hundreds of other gadgets that individually do the iphones job and still had some spare change

So if you have a shopping trolley to push around with you all the time to carry a playstation, xbox, wii, the tv to run it on, a portable DVD player, an ipod touch, a phone, a laptop at least to have true web browsing experience and full email, and you didn’t mind the exercise of hauling all of that and the portable electric generator needed to power it all across the beach (as I took my iPhone to the beach the other day), then yes you could have saved money.

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AT&T troubles, pale compared to Vodafone

But at least Vodafone isn’t alone in their troubles. Just Vodafone has managed to make the troubles in the States look minor in comparison.

Story here.

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Rogers vs Apple falling out?


Apple 2.0 has an interesting story on the cerfuffle between Apple and Rogers the iPhone carrier in Canada. Having spent 6 months in Vancouver last year, I was very jealous of the iPhones that were in Canada already, and the great prices of Apple stock over there (Macbook Prices were considerably cheaper in Canada than NZ).

Kinda glad I’m not getting my iPhone from Rogers in Downtown Vancouver now.

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Australia has shown us theirs, come on Vodafone show us yours…

Optus in OZ has unveilled it’s plans.

Pre pay and plan packages are available, and they’re not too bad. I still have reservations, if you are a web surfer like I am, with sod all time spent actually using a phone for calls (1 a day if that), the bill for data in NZ could be astronomical – if we knew what the prices were.

Here’s the link


Pre-pay the phone is going to be huge here. None of this false advertising $299 USD, Optus has the pre-pay iPhone 8GB at $729AUD ($925NZD) and 16Gb model at $849AUD ($1,077NZD) – GULP!!!

Now that hurts/is a joke.

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