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TV3 article on Kiwi reaction

TV3 this evening had two takes on the iPhone plan launch reaction in NZ. The first was by Tony Field, in which the people are revolting but Vodafone comes away not looking too bad.

The John Campbell interview with the Senior Marketing Manager at Vodafone Mark Rushworth was priceless to use a phrase. It was an exercise of marketing par excellence. Keep smiling, even when faced with the facts that your product is the worst in the world, spin the line that there is a range of plans, emphasise the cheap plan and hope the interview ends soon – keep smiling though!

The interview showed ‘concerned’ folk ranging from;

I’m guessing a pretty typical iPhone user, to this chap who claims to be outside the demographic and whom will now be waiting to see what Telecom has to offer.

Campbell did let him have it with the graphic of the total it will cost to be on a plan with the iPhone, not bad…

and of course the clincher for most of us out there was the fact that NZ is possibly the most expensive place in the world to get and own an iPhone, to which the Vodafone rep had nothing really – nothing.

And we thought Apple was pissed off with Rogers in Canada, will they be diverting stock from NZ to OZ as a result of this fiasco. It’s hard to say, they’ve released the packages way too late in the day for it to affect stock in the country.

I hope this sort of media coverage continues, it can only add to the pressure on Vodafone on what should have been one of their Killer days.


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