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How to sell the iphone to NZ – not

Being a mac junkie, and eagerly anticipating the release of any iPhone in NZ, I spent the last couple of months watching the rumour mills to see what was brewing for the upcoming global release of the second generation iPhone.

All indications were that the new iPhone answered all of my criticisms of the initial release. Anyone who knows Apple though, knows that unless you really have to have it, wait 6-9 months and get version 2 of the product. The design will more or less be the same, just the insides will have new, bigger and cheaper features. The don’t let on, but Apple is stunning (at times) in responding to consumer criticism of products. So the new iPhone was going to be bigger, cheaper and packed full of features compared to the 1st generation. GPS, 3G and much larger storage were the selling features for me.

So leading up to the World Wide Developers conference in San Francisco, where the guru Steve Jobs (not the fake one) was making the keynote speech, all the buzz was about the iPhone and what would it pack and who will be selling it. The initial rumour in NZ was the it was going to be Telecom as their flagship toy for their new 3G platform, but personally thankfully that didn’t eventuate. Vodafone won the day.

The day of the WWDC came, the announcements were as amazing as the rumours suggested, full of features, GPS and 3G being the biggies. But the clincher was the price. Typical for Apple there was always going to be a price drop for the new toy, but half price was a show stopper – plans to come. How cool was it to see Steve Jobs standing in front of a cool map of the world with NZ zooming into place as one of the select launch countries for the iPhone.

So how did the two parties in NZ respond to such a huge tech announcement. Apple was typically flash and bravado.

Ok, cool what is the response from Vodafone going to be. Well be prepared to be underwhelmed. Go to the home page and look for the text link with a one page statement – what? It got a little better a couple of days later, you could register your interest – wow.

At least they were now showing us that they’ve registered that people are interested.

And that, has been more or less it. Meanwhile other countries are rolling out plans and revamping web sites to accommodate the massive public interest in the iphone.

I’ll update as soon as I hear anything.


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