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iPhone sales astonishing.

People are quick to compare the iPhone to other luxury smart phones out there, and in some cases they are right, but there are several areas where the difference is light and day.

One of these is sales. I don’t know the figures, but I would hazard a guess the last time Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson phone sold 1 million of the top of their line model in just 3 days? 5 days on there are still lines of people trying to get into Apple stores in places like Chicago.

When was the last time Vodafone got so much positive (and the negative) press, some called it hype, about a phone launch?

When was the last time Vodafone updated it’s web site almost daily with stock availability for one single item?

10:31am 16 July: More stock expected today (All Models)
03:52pm 15 July: All iPhone 3G models SOLD OUT
02:14am 11 July: 16GB Black model SOLD OUT
12.01am, 11 July: All iPhone models available

There is no doubt that the iPhone has been huge, not only in New Zealand, but more so across the globe. If we thought iPhone hype was big here, imagine being in the US where commercials run and the media is even more hyped than here.

Our friends in the Northern Hemisphere (and the 3,000 Jailbreak iPhone users in NZ) all know the wonder of the iPhone, every day I am finding a new feature that is amazing, or a new App from the AppStore that I need on my phone (it’s important to know the temperature in Palm Springs – 41°C). I only wish when we were lost in that maze of streets known as London last year, I was able to call on the GPS function, instead of the 5 or so sheets of google maps that we printed out.

So what do these sales mean to Apple, well one huge wad of cash to be blunt. Once again the Deity known as Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who like the prodigal son returned to the failing company to launch the PC revolution with the iMac, then iPod and now iPhone has delivered to his clients, stock holders and company another amazing toy/tool/product. Don’t take anything away from the industrial product design of Jonathan Ive, the design eye behind the greatest Apple products.

Well in short terms, $330m USD cleared in 3 days with one product! That’s how much an hour?


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Something’s afoot

As pointed out by Michael (thanks for the heads-up) things have changed on the Vodafone NZ web site, and you can no longer get the best data plan, you know the one at $250 a month or $6000 and only 1GB data a month.

New Price Plans

{Update: They’ve now added more information. If you need more data (than 250 or 500mb yeah right) you need to go into a Vodafone Retail store. Who knows what that is about?}

Yesterday’s Price Plans

They layout of the site has also changed, indicating that something is up? If it isn’t then Vodafone have gotten even stingier, as the best data plan you can get is 500mb a month (or we shall call that 1/2 hour on youTube).

But great for Apple and Vodafone, that despite the worst plans in the world and the massive negative media attention (yeah from me too), the 8Gb model has sold out. This is inline with international figures that suggest the 8GB model is the most popular this time around, while last time the top model was the most popular.


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