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There is a suggestion that the iPhone will only be on account here in New Zealand.

First I was disappointed in that, but with the pricing that the phone will come in at $199NZD on a two year term, this isn’t going to be a bad thing.

Let’s just hope they are generous with the data packages, as that’s what I’ll be using it for.

The link to the article.

The rest of the story is interesting in that it discusses the implications of the Non-3G network in the rural eras and the possible hustle into the mix by Telecom once they have updated their network to 3G


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Well at least we know where to get them

Vodafone has placed a Google Map of where you can buy the new iPhone.

It’s a start, but what a terrible situation for the consumer to be in. The iPhone is being launched this friday and there is no indication weather there will be the ridicilous pricing that has caused such a stir in other parts of the world, as reported by macrumors.com.

The pressure was too much for Sweden’s TeliaSonera whom changed their plans after the users were outraged. Things have continued to get worse for potential users in Canada, with the backlash against Rogers telco reaching 41,000 signatures (apparently Apple is displeased and will be shifting stock to European customers as a punishment – Steve Jobs plays one of the hardest games in town). While Rogers competitor over in Canada Bell Mobility, has introduced significantly lower data plans for the rival to the iPhone the Samsung Instinct which will be launched in two days time. Nice move, find disgruntled customers, offer them a good product at a lesser rate and supposedly win over customers (hmm Jobs will be fuming).

Meanwhile there was a stunningly terrible piece in the Sunday Star Times (New Zealand newspaper) by some unknown person (shockingly poor editorial blunder). It was full of inaccuracies and rather poorly researched. According to this author-less article the iPhone has already been on sale in the States with more than half a million being sold already. This is of course not true and the very first place to sell the phone will be New Zealand at the stroke of midnight this thurs/friday. And thankfully this article also has it wrong that the phone will only be available in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (a astoundingly silly move if it were true), the map clearly shows that the phone will be available over a few centres in NZ.

Lets hope that the article is partly right with the pricing. The article claims that the iPhone will be at the US price point with Vodafone free to add whatever tarrifs to that they desire. Well lets at least they have the price right, and that Vodafone is sensible in it’s pricing. However considering that Vodafone is offering broadband with a 1GB packet, I’m guessing that they will be very stingey. 1GB for broadband is a joke unless you are my mother-in-law and the odd photo in the email is the only thing that is going to test a 1GB data limit. Vodafone will need to offer some meaty packages, or if Telecom get’s it’s hands on the Samsung toy, there could be a mighty backlash.

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