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Canadian telco’s go mad?

Seems that telco’s around the world are being exposed for their pricing lately. I wonder if they know that there is an internet out there, and they can’t hide from international scrutiny and comparison, even if it’s more or less to compare international pricing.

However, there are times when things stink no matter which way you look at it. Here’s what Telus and Bell (two of the largest telcos in Canada) are planning to do to it’s customers.

This is from the Province, the second largest newspaper in Vancouver, BC.

This will hurt consumers hard, considering if you are sending our 400-600txts a month, and assuming that you only get one response per txt, you are going to double that amount and presumably blow your allocation. The other problem is that in Canada the issue of txt spam is a big thing, and to pay for someone sending you uninitiated and unwanted txts is rather hard to swallow.

Today, to see what the other global telco’s are offering in packages is normally only a click away, and if you are a newspaper geek like me, this sort of stuff is offered on a platter.

{The source came from one of the best sites on the web, http://www.Newseum.org. They have jpg and PDF front pages of hundreds of newspapers all around the world. A few edited bookmarks later and it’s easy reading any of 30 of my fav newspaper front pages with the morning coffee, like this, and this and this. Front pages can be viewed from here}


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