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The Times UK iPhone review.


The Times UK – Jonathan Richards

“The most telling thing you learn when playing with the 3G iPhone is how annoying it is when someone tries to take it off you. If gadgets were drugs, this one would be an opiate.”

“Imagine a regular phone and e-mail device, coupled with an extremely compelling and speedy web browser, a video player, a photo organiser, a navigation tool, and an iPod – and you get some idea of how dependent you might become on it.

The image on the massive 4.5-inch screen is TV-crisp. The entire front surface is touch sensitive expect for one button, which always takes you back to the home page. Yes, the screen gets smudged, but even after a couple of drops it remained scratch-free.”

“Every time you go to type, a full QWERTY keyboard pops up automatically. The keys, while small, are easy to use, and surprisingly forgiving – even to the fat of thumb.”

“It’s the web browser that’s the real eye-popper, though. Pages appear exactly as they would on a PC” {Ed – duh yeah that’s because it’s a real browser, the stunning Safari}

“If the Mk I iPhone changed the rules of the game, then Mk II has Apple careering around the new playing field while the rivals are still in the changing rooms. The network can be patchy and the battery drains fast, but little chinks like that do little to reduce the scale of the challenge now facing BlackBerry and Nokia.”

The last sentence is interesting, in that is how I perceive the role of the iPhone to be, advancing the technology and watching the others trying to catch up, as much as a genius tool.

Very favourable review, and without the pain of a Vodafone to have to talk about, good reading.


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This is more like it – take note Vodafone

This is how to create positive buzz about your new killer toy.

“Frenzied demand for Apple’s new 3G iPhone”The Guardian – UK

“Demand for the new 3G version of the iPhone has outstripped supply, and O2, Apple’s exclusive UK mobile phone partner, says it has run out of stock for customers wanting to pre-order the device before it goes on general release on Friday”.

Hmm now why would that be? Probably due to the best plan involving unlimited data and the phone is free, for about $70 – $120 a month less that what you’d pay here in NZ. Free Data!!!

Similar sentiments from The Times, and here

Now that’s how to create demand for a product.

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