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Vodafone NZ iPhone Plans announced

I’m guessing that at $250 a month, this will be a business only plan, who seriously can afford $250 for a play/home phone.

I’m comfortable with the pricing, except the data caps. This is for some like me, first and foremost a mobile internet device, and 250mb data cap is just a joke. Even without downloading, serious web browsing would use up that in only a day or two. Vodafone is going to make some serious money out of data on the iPhone.

This really gives rise to my push for cafe’s in NZ to offer free wi-fi (as nearly every cafe in Vancouver did), then data prices wouldn’t matter. I’d be able to sit in a cafe, buy more than one coffee and instead of reading the Otago Daily Times, I’ll be able to read the Guardian or NY Times online, then of course macrumors.com and apple2.0 blogs.

Yikes the data is going to hurt. I wish telco’s were more creative with their plans. Imagine being able to choose more data and less time on the phone (I make 1-2 calls a day), that would be awesome. Others would want less data and more calling, while others might want base everything and just a cool MP3 player mobile Movie player.

{Update: NZ vs Australia comparison.

This from Stuff website

The pricing in New Zealand is less generous than prices announced in Australia by Telstra and Optus.
For example, the phone is free on Optus’ A$179 per month plan on a 2-year contract, and Optus will sell the 8GB and 16GB models on pre-pay for A$729 (NZ$926) and A$849 (NZ$1080) respectively.
The phone is also free on Telstra’s A$100 a month plan on a two-year contract. The 16GB model costs A$399 (NZ$507) on a A$30 per month plan.

and another link from The Herald



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