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They’re calling it “iPocalypse” now.

So it seems that Vodafone aren’t the only ones having a nighmere with the introduction of the iPhone, AT&T, the US carrier has undergone all manner of crashes and hick-ups in activating people’s iPhones.

Gizmodo published an article outlining the troubles that bestowed the roll out of the new iphone globally.

Also covered by Apple2.0, the strain on services of the release of the new iPhone, combined with the thousands of customers all wanting activation, the previous 6 million iPhone owners potentially wanting to upgrade to the iPhone Firmware 2.0 (giving the first gen iPhone many of the features and functionality of the new iPhone), and the introduction of the AppStore and MobileMe.

If Gizmodo is calling it iPocalypse, then I’ll happily go along with it. You do the Math.

iPhone introduced 12:01 11-07-08 New Zealand time, I buy my iPhone mid morning that Friday, now it’s late Sunday night and I still don’t have my iPhone. I have been told that Vodafone has crashed it’s system for activating new accounts. I filled out the paper work, and was even contacted by a Vodafone rep requesting a password verification late friday afternoon, but since then, it’s been total silence. Hounding the local Apple reseller whom I bought the phone off, Magnum Mac (whom have been nothing but brilliant as ever) all Saturday, and they informed me that they hadn’t been able to activate or process any new accounts at all on Saturday.

Those whom were already on accounts, were able to walk in and out of the shop with new iPhones while I was sitting in the store waiting. There were no reports of the iTunes activation troubles as reported at Gizmodo, only happy faces.

If I was Vodafone, I’d be hanging my head in shame and looking for heads to roll, as this is a bloody disgrace. I parted with over $750 Friday, and it won’t be Monday at the earliest I will get to use my new phone (on the most expensive plans in the world supposedly). Of course I will be contacting Vodafone to complain, but will they listen. Their marketing manager all late last week was on TV in damage mode with a silly grin on his face claiming this and that, in the face of massive public outrage.

Shame Vodafone, Shame. Sort your bloody act out. Seriously how many other companies would allow such a shambolic launch of one of the best products they’ll ever get their hands on?


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02 – Vodafone comparison

Last night on Campbell Live, John Campbell stated that NZ was the most expensive place in the world to buy and run an iPhone (pretty dubious distinction), and he used the UK stockist’s figures as a comparison.

I’ve put them together with New Zealand dollar conversions at this morning’s exchange rate.

If you are a Kiwi iPhone user, this is grim reading.

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