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WordPress on iPhone

Of course it’s a little redundant to have an app which you can already do on the web, but this is great.

WordPress have released their App for blogging.


The interface is clean and easy to follow. All you need to do is add the blogs that you operate either on your own site or on the wordpress.com (free) site, Add url, username and password and you are up and running.

You can edit any posts, add photos just taken, there’s even a live preview.

Only just started playing with it, but it’s already going to be invaluable.


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WordPress on iPhone

Of course the guys at WordPress are always onto it when developing their tools, and their approach to the iPhone isn’t any different.


They have announced a theme for iPhone, and of course updated the mobile version for updating blogs from the iPhone (well mobile web in general).

I’ll be using this tool more or less evey day now – gezz my data plan is going to go through the roof.



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